Planning for pregnancy is a huge decision for families across the country. There are many aspects to keep in mind when it comes to making big choices like these. Many men and women have had fertility issues that have caused miscarriages or birth defects. This is a big reason why it is crucial for families to consider all options available. 

Have you been one of those families that went through situations like these? If yes, then you should consider a fertility treatment option like IVF Treatment. In-Vitro Fertilization treatment refers to a series of procedures that help with fertility and prevent genetic problems. The biggest thing that IVF treatment does is join a woman’s egg and a man’s sperm in a laboratory dish. In other words, this all happens outside the body which is what the term in-vitro means.

When it comes to benefits, there are several key reasons why you should consider IVF treatment. As New Hope Fertility’s Dr. John Zhang once said, “IVF helps families achieve their family planning goals tailored to their exact needs.”

IVF Treatments Gives Hope For Women And Their Partner

One big benefit of IVF treatment is that it gives hope for patients with fertility issues. For example, women with damaged or blocked fallopian tubes have little chance of becoming pregnant. The same goes for men with issues with sperm count or mobility when trying to fertilize the woman’s egg. IVF can help bypass those issues by having the fertilization of the egg occur outside the body. 

IVF Has A High Success Rate

IVF is known to have a great track record of success. The national success rate for patients under 35 is 48.5%. For those between the ages of 35 and 37, the success rate is 43%. With New Hope Fertility, it is 53.3% for those under 35 and 57.6% for those between 35 and 37. Having an embryo transferred in one IVP cycle and one frozen embryo transferred in another helps maximize the success rate.

IVF Helps Ensure The Health Of Embryos

IVF treatment helps play a big role in screening for the health of embryos. This is done via a process called Pre-Implantation Genetic Screening (PGS). PGS checks for the health of embryos via inspection of DNA to see if abnormal chromosomes exist. This helps alleviate concerns from couples of potentially passing on genetic disorders to their child.

IVF Can Be Used By Anyone At Their Most Convenient Time

IVF treatment can be used by anyone such as same-sex couples, single women, and women who are unable to give birth naturally. At the same time, eggs and embryos can be cryopreserved for future use. This gives patients the freedom to decide when they want to be pregnant or give birth. This is an ideal solution for patients who have unique life situations. Flexibility is indeed one of the biggest benefits for potential IVF patients.

IVF Helps Make Life Easier And Healthier For Patients And Their Child

IVF treatment works wonders for patients unable to give birth naturally or simply want a successful pregnancy. It is highly successful, convenient for anyone, ensures healthy embryos, and gives prospective parents hope. All of this helps lead to a healthy baby in the end.

If you are looking for quality solutions like these, then consider the top-notch services New Hope Fertility offers. With quality solutions like these, the future of your family will be in great hands.

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