Few people will be sorry to see the year 2020 disappear into their rearview windows. After all, to date, more than 289,000 people in the United States have lost their lives to the COVID-19 virus that has decimated the world’s population during this pandemic. 

While the numbers don’t lie, what is incalculable is the immense personal toll this has taken on the loved ones and friends of those coronavirus victims. Their pain at losing their family members to the virus was compounded by their inability to spend time soothing and comforting the victims at the ends of their lives.

Grief Counseling Can Help Survivors Cope

Those left behind by the COVID-19 death toll can also experience a spectrum of emotions and consequences, including:

  • Feeling unmoored and adrift after losing parents, partners, spouses, siblings, or children
  • Survivors’ guilt at recovering
  • Not being able to move on
  • Loss of joy in life

Many people find it difficult to process all the negative repercussions they experience after these losses. Seeking counseling for grief can help them over the biggest hurdles on the road to healing.

COVID’s Losses Run Even Deeper

Even those who have not been bereaved by the coronavirus can still experience great losses. Job furloughs, school closings, remote learning, and expanded job duties all can take an emotional, psychological, and financial toll. 

Feelings of anger — at the virus itself and the government’s weak response to it, superspreader who shamelessly put others at unnecessary risk, at the rough turn of events — are quite common and justified.

Depression frequently masquerades as anger (and vice versa). But often people are ill-equipped to deal with the impotent anger they feel, especially when there is no clear target to which to direct and absorb those angry feelings.

Grief Counseling Can Help Heal Life’s Wounds

Let’s face it — life can be tough. Not everyone is naturally resilient enough to bounce back immediately and unscathed. Even those who put on a happy face to the world can be struggling with inner demons and crushing anxiety.

Here, too, grief counseling can help you access the skills you need to overcome setbacks and process your grief in healthful ways. As stated by Nicole Carey (LPC) and the owner of Empowering Solutions Counseling in Eastpointe, Michigan, “Improving your mental health helps your physical well-being.” 

When the Only Way Out Is Through

If only we could stop the clock and request a redo on this year and its terrible toll on so many lives. But wishful thinking doesn’t get to the crux of the problem.

But seeking counseling for grief, anxiety, anger, and all the other negative emotions you may be experiencing can indeed help you get to a better and healthier place. You have to be prepared to do the work to get there, but with a licensed professional counselor to guide you along the path, you can find a way to make it through whatever storms life sends your way.

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